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Watch These Little Kids Drive A Real Ferrari

I had a Power Wheels Jeep when I was really young. I loved it a lot. Yeah, I've been more than one-upped (73-upped?) by these little kids that apparently get to ride around their town in India in a real, full-size, V8-powered Ferrari F430. Wow.


When I first saw the video I didn't believe it at all. But on a second viewing, I didn't find any obvious cuts or ways that it is faked. I'm going to say this is the real deal.

How do you let a kid that is barely four feet tall drive an F430? He's literally pulling on the steering wheel in order to be close enough to the pedals. If you're going to let your kid, who looks to be somewhere around eight years old, drive the F430, then letting him have another young passenger isn't surprising at all.


No, the kids don't crash and nobody gets hurt. But come on, this is obscenely irresponsible. The road is deserted, but so many people still could have been hurt and cars could have been destroyed.

Would you ever let your kids do this? You might be saying 'yes' to yourself right now, but I bet when the time came you'd never let it happen.

This seems to be more evidence of cars becoming too easy to drive.


(Hat Tip to Vijeth!)

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Klaus Schmoll

Nothing to see here! Move along! That's not a real Ferrari, it's just one of those fake ones from Super Replicas. They are soooo cheap that they give them away at kiddies' birthday parties in Saudi Arabia.