I'm Joel Ewanick, General Motors' Chief Marketer, Ask Me Anything

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Last night General Motors aired a Super Bowl commercial for the Chevy Silverado that not only successfully trolled their cross-town rivals at Ford — but also was the first Super Bowl ad where GM's created buzz without tripping over its own feet.

The architect of that ad — and GM's global marketing strategy — is Joel Ewanick — and he's here now to answer your questions in the comments below.


So go ahead, ask him anything.

But first, a few ground rules:

1.) The first rule of Ask Me Anything is that there are no rules about what questions you ask.

2.) Joel will be here for 45 minutes starting at 9:30 AM and he'll try to answer any question (within reason) thrown at him — but he may not get to all of you.

3.) That said, remember that this isn't Joel's first trip to the top tier of the Super Bowl rodeo — he's been here before as the architect of the Hyundai Assurance Plan. So he's used to using the Super Bowl for disruptive, buzz-generating marketing.


4.) Joel's also no virgin to our commenters — he played nicely with you in an "Ask Me Anything" at the Detroit Auto Show a year ago.

So what I'm saying is — do your worst. He's a big boy — he can take it.

Also, if you just want to follow his answers — click here.

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