Dropping any artifice of civility in the back-and-forth sniping between Chevy and Ford, this year's Silverado ad comes out and says what they've only been wiling to say behind closed doors: buy our competitors vehicle and you will die. You will be dead. Six-feet under. And your family. You will all die a horrible terrible death.


You know how dead you're going to be Ford owner? So dead you couldn't even get a bit part on The Walking Dead. Deader than Abe Vigoda. As dead as Bob's Big Boy. The deadest. A spaceship will fall on your family, your daughter will get the plague. And you deserve to die. For buying a Ford. Chevy tried to warn you. They did. They said bad things would happen if you got the truck with the "man step" and the price you pay is GM collects your head.


Hope you had a good life. I hope you enjoyed SYNC. Don't bother calling OnStar. They can't help you now. Because now you're dead. As dead as the company that made those delicious Twinkies all the Chevy truck owners are enjoying. But unlike Chevy, you're not getting a bailout.

Because you're dead.

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