Spend enough time with a car and it'll start to communicate with you beyond what can be picked up with an OBD-II Code Reader. If your car could talk, what would it say?


We spent part of the weekend working on the Volvo wagon's electrical system, which was apparently designed by Sir Lucas' sadomasochistic Swedish cousin. The more I drive the car the more I feel in tune with it and not just from the smell being exuded from the slowly disintegrating head gasket.

This weekend it was particularly chatty. After fooling with bulbs and contact patches it was telling me "it's the circuit board, consult a professional." Otherwise, it was telling me it wanted to hit the open road. It's been cooped up in a West Texas garage and it wants to fly. It wants to see the world beyond Llano and Houston. It's lived too sheltered a life. After a winter of bringing it up to excellent condition that's exactly what I'm planning to do.

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