If You Only Vote Once This Year, Vote For A Fusion Wagon

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Ford has been cranking out some of the sexiest cars they've created in a while, but there's just one problem: They haven't given us station wagons.

Luckily, Ford's social media webpage has a "share your ideas section" that posts peoples' ideas and asks other people to vote on them (Torch, this might be a good backdoor approach for some of your hair-brained schemes). Some guy named Rick W. came up with a novel one; a Ford Fusion station wagon.


To that we say, yes, yes YES!

As usual, Europe already has what we're lusting after, the Mondeo wagon. It's sexy and turbocharged and we'd be willing to bet a lot of them will be equipped with manual transmissions.

This is what Rick W. had to say about an American version of the Mondeo wagon on Ford's social media site:

Love the look of the new Fusion—can\\\'t wait to see it in person. What I would really like to see is the wagon version— like they have in Europe ( the Mondeo). 2.0 liter turbo, with all wheel drive would be a great replacement for my Volvo V70 R. Better yet, how about a Fusion \\\"ST\\\" wagon?

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It goes without saying that if Ford really wants to make the Fusion wagon we don't have awesome, they should offer it with a manual transmission. But if there's one thing Detroit loves to do, it's to kill a perfectly good car by making it impossible (or nearly impossible) to get the options you want because they're only available in certain, inexplicably contrived combinations (i.e., you can only get the bigger engine with the autotragic transmission, or the wagon only comes with grubby hand-proof gray cloth seats, and so on).


Come on guys! Throw us a bone here. We want to help you topple the beige hordes that now rule automobilia once and for all.


Want to throw in your two cents on this issue? Vote and comment here. We can almost guarantee you that it will be a more satisfying voting experience than the one coming in November. (Hat tip to Chairman Kaga!)

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Will someone please explain why so many Jalops get excited about wagons? I've always thought wagons were boring to look (I'm more of a fastback person myself). Sure, it may have some sort of "sleeper" appeal, but I prefer my fast cars to look fast too.