“If I’m Paying $1 Million…”

I was on my way back to Manhattan with Mike Spinelli from the official US launch of the $1.8m Zenvo ST1, explaining the car's price to the two guys piloting the cross-Hudson ferry. "One point eight million dollars?" He asked. "If it can't suck my dick, there's no way it's worth one point eight million bucks!"


Mike and I laughed, and now that we've seen that Zenvo has disappeared off the radar, I'm kind of inclined to agree with the Hudson River Ferry pilot that rainy night in November. For that much money, the car just didn't seem worth it.

The question came up again when we heard today that Dartz is coming out with a million-dollar unarmored luxo-SUV. Not everyone thought that it was worth the money, particularly Dolemite.

If I'm paying 1 million for a big honking truck, it's going to be bullet and grenade proof and have retractable rocket launchers and a remote controlled mini-gun that pops out of the top.


So here's my question. For a purchase price of one million dollars, what do you expect from a single vehicle? If it's a luxo SUV, shouldn't it have rocket launchers and a built-in diamond-encrusted strip club in the back? If it's a startup supercar like the Zenvo, shouldn't it look like a 1960s Maserati, but with eight trillion horsepower? And shouldn't the supercar have rocket launchers, too?

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

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