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This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

So what's GM got against Daniela Cicarelli? In fact, why's the General and the former Maxim cover-girl even intersecting in the same story? Our sex-obsessed and never-ever-ever safe for work sister/brother site's got the scoop for us:

"According to several Fleshbot operatives in Brazil, the hottest thing to hit the media there this week is a recent video clip showing MTV presenter and former soccer wife Daniela Cicarelli canoodling with current beau Tato Malzoni on a beach in Spain."


But then, as if this poor little hottie didn't already have too much to worry about, we're told by the Brazilian site O GLOBO ONLINE, she's now had the folks at GM take away more than her pride. The General, a company apparently not looking at getting its SexyBack,...

...has gone and cancelled the young lady's contract to shill for Chevy. Oh noes! At least, we're pretty sure that's what happened — we don't know Portuguese real well, and here's what Babelfish's given us:

"Looked for the O GLOBE ONLINE, the assembly plant she divulged the following official notice: "the contract of Daniella Cicarelli is locked up and GM already had a strategy for the launching of a new campaign". according to assessorship of the press of the mark, the object of the agreement at the same time of the spreading of the controversial video if deals with "mere coincidence" and that GM always renews its boy-propaganda with regularity. The commercial ones, that before they were disponibilizados also in the site of the multinational, also had disappeared mysteriously after the episode."

What we do know is if GM's taken away this woman's contract, they should give it right back...this woman needs to be out there selling cars — hell, bring her here to the US, we'll take her! By the way, eternal glory awaits the reader who can get us a working link to the video. What? It's for...research purposes. Yeah, that's it.

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