I Would Totally Buy This Smart ForTwo Shell If I Had a Bigger Apartment

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Successful adulting, I think, is balancing your excitement for a new toy or gadget and getting enthusiastic about home décor. There’s no reason why you can’t both indulge your inner child and improve your furniture situation. This Smart ForTwo safety cell satisfies both of those needs.

One of the coolest things about the ForTwo is that it’s built on a Tridion steel safety shell—basically a monocoque chassis. And one of those shells is currently for sale on Bring a Trailer. Currently, the bid is standing at $600.


The shell is part of a dealer display and includes a side curtain airbag, low-impact crumple zones, tubular seat construction and a passenger-side door with steel beams. Obviously, there’s no engine mounted in the back, but if you buy it, you also get the rolling stand it’s mounted on.

“What am I going to do with a Smart ForTwo shell?” you screech, spittle flying from your chapped lips.

Well, for starters, how does this not make for an awesome living room addition? Especially if you live alone? Replace your couch or your easy chair with this shell, as it already has a chair in it. Watch TV while sitting in it, your view won’t be hindered by a windscreen. Make every night a drive-in movie!


Or, through a little jerry-rigging of your own, build a desk into the shell and create your own little office space. For those of you currently without home offices, you could then use the phrase, “Step into my office” truthfully. Listen, it’s way more unique than buying this ugly desk from Restoration Hardware for $2,695.

Unfortunately, my apartment is about the size of a shoebox, so there’s no way a ForTwo safety shell could fit in it. But for you? Individuality awaits.


(h/t to Michael!)

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