Williams Shows Off The First New F1 Car Of 2017 And It's As Pretty As You'd Expect

Screencap via WilliamsF1TV; brightened to show detail.
Screencap via WilliamsF1TV; brightened to show detail.

Behold, our very first look at one of the 2017 Formula One cars. This is the 2017 Williams Mercedes FW40, named after its the team’s 40th year in Formula One, per Autosport. Naturally, it’s a looker, given the team’s sharp Martini livery and the car’s new wider tires.


If anything, it’s more of an evolution of the 2016 designs than the earth-shattering re-do some expected from the 2017 design rules shake-up. Its most noticeable change besides the fatter tires is the new shape for the rear wing. A new front wing, sidepods and larger barge boards have all been redesigned to work with the 2017 car’s wider track, per ESPN.

Up front, the thumb noses that first appeared several years ago are still a thing. To that, we’re always relieved whenever we see F1's infamous penis nose hasn’t made a comeback.

The car will use a Mercedes power unit yet again, and be driven by Lance Stroll and Felipe Massa.

Williams will show off its full, real car on February 25, two days before F1 starts its preseason tests at Barcelona.

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I’m also looking forward to pre-season testing. Hope to have the first start with the power unit this week.