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At Least 3 More Fast & Furious Movies Are Coming

Illustration for article titled At Least 3 More iFast  Furious/i Movies Are Coming

We're about to be 7 movies deep in the Fast & Furious franchise, and according to Universal studio exec there's no sign of slowing down. At least three more are on the way, and the next could be landing in theaters by 2017.


Speaking at a Hollywood Reporter roundtable, Universal Chairman Donna Langley said, "We think there's at least three more… I think it's still a growing franchise." Although the film house is "very mindful of fatigue", which Entertainment Weekly reads as two movies a year starting in 2017.


Exactly how Universal will stretch the F&F characters, plotlines, and themes into the future – particularly with the tragic loss of Paul Walker – is the main question. Prequels are surely part of it, so I'm thinking about really early stuff: 60s, 70s, and 80s period pieces with some vintage cars and even better hair. But as long as they're still cranking out crazy shit like this, we're on board.

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