I Literally Just Told You Earlier Today To Play Burnout But My God This Video Has Me Dusting Off Need For Speed: Most Wanted As I Type This Headline

Illustration for article titled I Literally Just Told You Earlier Today To Play Burnout But My God This Video Has Me Dusting Off iNeed For Speed: Most Wanted/i As I Type This Headline

Yeah, sorry about that. Burnout is great! Amazing game series. Love the crashes and the punk rock. I will always be a fan of it, but my ADHD has found a matter more pressing at the exact moment I found this video, and it is this video and the game franchise it is an homage to, Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

Владислав Чекунов is at it again, and they’ve outdone themselves yet again. We’ve already discussed real-life Need For Speed part 1 and Need For Speed part 2, both of which are a pastiche of music and graphics from Need For Speed: Underground 1&2, with in-era vehicles, similar graphics to the original games, hits from the soundtracks of both classics, and are fantastic watches. With this video, however, they crank up the nostalgia and accuracy dials to eleven. They have the damn Most Wanted hero car M3, GTR widebody and all, as the first vehicle you see in the video, and the selected “race car” for the chase scenes. Even the pull-in camera shot when the video is first “loaded” is nearly identical to the game, down to the slight dutch angle. The game map, HUD, and radar detector sounds and sites are all identical as well, but clearly painstakingly recreated, as the original game didn’t even come in a resolution this high.

This video also bears the distinction of theirs to be the first that features a police chase, which is brief, but adds an extra touch of video-game-replica authenticity to the video. Additionally, in this one, even the motion blur and camera shake that was distinct to the car-chase-cam of NFS: MW is replicated to the point you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re watching a 4K render of a classic game. We can only dream that EA would do the right thing and remaster MW for the modern era. In the meantime, make do with this incredible short:

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Arch Duke Maxyenko, Shit Talk Extraordinaire

I literally wore out my copy of Most Wanted. This is what happens when you have a 3 hour police “chase” when your parked on top of the bus station and all of the cop cars are piling up below you like a feeding frenzy in a koi pond.