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If you’ve ever dreamed of a project car, but for whatever reason haven’t had the resources to get one off the ground, this may be your lucky day. Because I’ve apparently lost my mind, I’m about to give away a Volkswagen Jetta with a VR6 engine that you can modify in any insane way you want.


Dune buggy? Front-wheel-drive snowmobile? Rally monster? Pirates Of The Caribbean-themed LeMons track rat? LS swap? You got it. Let your freak flag fly. Stanced and hellaflushed? Hey, someone has to piss off all the local cops at H2O International, and it may as well be you.


Tell us what you want to do with it, and it could be yours.

You can watch the video above and read the post below for a detailed outline of the rules. If you fail to do both, then don’t expect me to reply to “can i have the car lol” with anything but the full weight of my snark.

Before I lay out how to potentially have me hand your happy ass the keys and title to your very own car without paying a dime, I’ll outline the car and its various quirks, just so we’re all on the same page.

  • The car is a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta VR6. Other than myself (and I admittedly have driven it less than a mile), the car has had one owner since new. It currently has 223,803 miles.*
  • The car has zero recorded accidents.*
  • I have a clean New Jersey title in my name, free of liens.*
  • There is no warranty with this car. What you see is what you get, imperfections and all.*
  • I bought it as a parts car that was running poorly. I decided that it was much too nice to part out, so I fixed the issue, a bad injector, and did nothing else.*
  • As far as I can tell, the body is devoid of any major dings, dents, or rust. It does have a 3 inch crack in the front bumper on the driver’s side, likely from parking.*
  • This car has nearly every option available on a Jetta, including automatic climate control, Monsoon stereo system and rear sunshade. Everything works to the best of my knowledge.*
  • Dual Power seats finished in black leather can be included, but the car currently has a red and black Golf GTI interior with manual adjustments.
  • The car starts, runs, drives, and stops. I can’t vouch for how well it does any of these, other than the fact that it does not leak any visible fluids.*
  • Since this is a Volkswagen from the early 2000s, there is a Check Engine Light illuminated, as well as ABS and traction control lights on. It can be driven perfectly fine, but as I’m not a betting man, I’d feel much better if it was trailered.*
  • The shocks will need replacing, and there is an audible exhaust leak.*
  • The center mirror will need re-gluing to the windshield.*
  • The car has an automatic transmission, but I will include the shifter, pedals, reservoir, and ECU from a 2001 manual transmission Jetta VR6. You will need to source a transmission should you choose to go this route.*

Alright, now that we got that out of the way, here’s how to enter the Tavarish Gives Away A Free Damn Car Giveaway:

  1. This car is, and will be, a project for you. It is not and cannot be a practical commuter or daily driver. If you want something cheap and reliable, get a Honda. I want your imagination to run as wild as possible to make something absolutely spectacular.
  2. Whatever project you choose, you have make sure that you have the resources to actually finish the project. I am not bankrolling anything in this project. No one will crowdfund you. You cannot rely on Kickstarter or similar services to panhandle on the internet. Don’t be that guy. Make arrangements for the space and labor to be taken care of, whether it’s provided by yourself or not. Simply put, make sure you have your shit together.
  3. To submit a proposed project for the car, you must email me at or tweet at me using the hashtag #FREER6, no later than June 15th, 2016, 5:00 PM EST. Remember, the more detail you have, the better. Renderings and pictures are a definite plus, as are videos describing the project you have in mind. Use your imagination. By submitting your idea, you give me permission to use your submission/idea/material in a later post/later posts.
  4. I will be following up on your progress and writing articles about the project in its various stages. You will have to submit pictures of progress, along with video, if possible. I will need your written permission to use said editorial material, including text, pictures and/or videos in any subsequent articles.
  5. You’ll have to pick the car up from my home in Elizabeth, New Jersey on or before July 25th, 2016. Whether you drive it out (not personally recommended), trailer it out with a pickup and U-Haul car dolly, or arrange a car shipping service, the car has to be out by then. If you arrange the car to be shipped, I will not pay for or recommend any shipping company. I will provide the car, everything else is between you and your shipper.
  6. I will be arranging the 10 best project car plan submissions in an article on The Garage and letting you readers vote on them. The project with the most votes (Granted, with everything else listed above checking out) will get the car. It’s that easy.

*Just so we’re clear, the condition and my assessment of the car and parts are based on my current knowledge and offered only for illustrative purposes. The car and all parts are offered in “AS IS” condition.

On top of those rules, our standard contest rules (You can review them here), as well as the additional rules outlined in this release apply, and by submitting a project proposal, you agree to these rules and the release. If you win, you will have to provide us with a signed release.


You can stay abreast of updates by subscribing to my YouTube channel, following me on Twitter, and checking in right here on Jalopnik. I will narrow down the 10 finalists sometime in the middle of the month, and the winner will be announced before July. Good luck.

Tavarish writes and makes videos about fixing and modifying cars on the internet. Sometimes they actually run.

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