Hyundai Isn't Done With The Jaw-Dropping Sedans

Photos: Hyundai

It wasn’t too long ago that Hyundai stunned almost everyone with the dramatic redesign of the 2019 Hyundai Sonata. It looks like that trend is going to continue, as teasers of the 2020 Hyundai Azera promise yet another fascinating sedan.


As previewed by Hyundai’s global Twitter account, the upcoming redesigned Hyundai Azera—which is sold as the Hyundai Grandeur in many global markets—is finally up to the standard a flagship executive sedan should be at.

The car features a new grille that’s integrated with the headlight units, with light appearing to beam through the grille polygons surrounding the headlight units.


In the back is more fancy lighting, with a single curved rear taillight. Paired with the front, the new design makes for some instantly recognizable signatures for the car.


Don’t get too attached, though. Hyundai stopped selling the Azera executive sedan in the U.S. back in 2017 after introducing its new luxury brand, Genesis, with a lineup of its own moderately styled sedans.

The Azera never really sold well here (They once sold -1 Azeras in a month. Negative one.), but also, it never really looked this good, either. Hell, even the current Hyundai lineup doesn’t look this interesting.


While it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting this new, hot Azera back in the U.S., it’s nice to know that Hyundai may be on a roll with its design department, and that should hopefully trickle over to stuff we can buy.


Genesis. The Veloster N. The new Sonata. iMax N drift bus. What a wild turnaround Hyundai’s had in the last few years.

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