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Hummer H4 CUV Planned For Production: HX Coming To Life?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Despite random misgivings by the Chinese government over the sale of Hummer to Tengzhong, recently leaked sales condition details indicate production intent of an small Hummer H4 CUV. HX Concept anyone? Maybe. How about Hummer Compass or Patriot? More likely.


The leaked memo was translated from Chinese by and offers part of the details behind the deal currently working behind the scenes.

1. Tengzhong will buy the intellectual property rights, including the trademark, patent right and other contents of Hummer;
2. Tengzhong will take over the sales network of Hummer;
3. After the acquisition, Tengzhong will operate the Hummer's business via an offshore company;
4. Before 2012, Hummer vehicles will continue to be manufactured by GM, who will also provide all-around technical services;
5. Before 2012, Tengzhong will launch the new H3 and new H4 (CUV models);
6. The [Hummer] marketing maintenance and R&D (research and development) will not be stopped.


In this version of the conditions, should the sale be approved Tengzhong will take control of all intellectual property, marketing and R&D resources, the dealer network, and most interestingly will produce the next versions of the Hummer H3 and a new product, the H4 CUV by 2012. The H4 CUV is expected to be the production version of the HX Concept, which the Hummer off-roading community has been begging for since its unveiling. [Hummer Guy]