What Is The Worst Public Transit System In The World?

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Public transportation can be great. But a lot of the time it is awful. Where's the worst public transit system in the whole world?


For me, public transit tends to be a last resort when I can't drive. I prefer to spend as little time as possible interacting with and smelling strangers. Subways smell funky, buses are funky, and don't get me started on commuter trains.

That said, some public transit isn't all that bad while a lot of it is atrocious. What's the worst you've seen and encountered?


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My X-type is too a real Jaguar

There are certainly worse options out there, but Atlanta's MARTA system may be the most useless. It goes nowhere, you want to go, the trains are often late, the bus schedule is constantly changing, and it shuts down way to early for a night out.

Of course if you want to go down Peachtree street and to the Airport, or the Jail, then it is perfect. Oh MARTA is also known for giving a guy with to many DUIs to drive a bus anymore a job driving the train. WooHoo go Atlanta.