How The 1986 Chevy Suburban Was Better Than The Current One

(Image: Chevrolet)
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Thirty years ago a Chevy Suburban cost about $12,500, about twice that in today’s money, with a higher payload capacity and lower curb weight than a 2016 model. Today you’re hard-pressed to find a new Suburban under $50,000. Here’s an infographic to explain how the ultra-plush current model lines up to it’s great-great-great grandpa the K10.


A marketing company called Spork keeps cranking out these old-versus-new comparative infographics to promote parts companies and it’s totally working because I love them. This one was made for, as you might guess, Can’t this a “complete” comparison of the seventh and eleventh (current) generations of America’s favorite mass-mover but it’s neat nevertheless.

Amazing how far fuel economy hasn’t progressed in thirty years, isn’t it? We may have to start accepting the fact that enormous square-shaped 4WDs are suboptimal choices for getting around, guys.


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