If you own a new sports car — let’s say you have a Nissan 370Z — how much power would you make from a twin turbo kit, and how hard would it be?


That’s what reigning Formula Drift champ Chris “Force(d induction)” Forsberg set to find out on this season of Drift Garage.

You’ve already seen episode one of the series where they bought parts and got the engine out the car from below right here.


But here’s episode two below, where they do the install of the turbo kit.

Here’s episode three, where they get the engine back in the car and fire it up.

And here’s the new episode four, where they get the thing tuned and test it on a dyno.

It takes some work, but with a new car and a lift things actually seem to progress without any big issues. Oh how nice it would be to just have to wrench on new cars and not ratty ass pieces of rusty junk where you spend twenty minutes just trying to get that one stupid bolt loose you’re just changing the brake pads and rotors seriously this was not supposed to take this long. Not that I speak from experience.

And! This all adds up to 650 horsepower to the wheels thanks to the twin turbos on that 3.7 liter V6. Not bad!

Now we just have to see how they hold up in the real world and not just the dyno.


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