How Much Is Too Much For GPS? How About A G?

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Garmin's ever-expanding line of GPS navigation units is getting an expensive new addition. The Garmin Nuvi 880 is now available for pre-order at Amazon for a ridiculous, ball-busting $1,000. You're probably telling yourself that a GPS system had better be able to read your mind and make coffee to be worth $1,000, right? Well, it can't quite do either, but it does have an extensive list of features and abilities. Full list after the jump.

  • Text-to-speech
  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) capability (screen control)
  • Bluetooth wireless technology (pair with phone or headset)
  • FM transmitter
  • Picture navigation: routing to a geocoded point in JPEG files
  • Included traffic receiver via MSN Direct receiver for North America
  • Last position: The unit automatically marks your position when you remove it from the windshield mount, so you can navigate with the Nüvi on foot and find your way back to your vehicle
  • Location and Text messages
  • Instant on
  • Web drop: create favorites in a PC browser and send to Nuvi via USB (.gps files)
  • Route planning with via points
  • USB 2.0, high-speed connectivity and mass storage
  • SD card slot
  • MCX connector (external antenna)
  • Digital Elevation Maps (DEM)
  • Embedded Linux (OS)
  • Replaceable battery, high-capacity Lithium-ion (up to 5 hours use)

In addition to this extensive list, the 880 also has a 4.3-inch screen to go along with its most-touted feature: speech recognition, which can be activated with the remote. [Amazon via Navigadget]