The Carbon Motors E7 looks good, even in the rear-view mirror. We almost want to get busted just for a ride, which makes us wonder: how many times have you been stopped by police?

Pullover rates vary widely by writer but likely end up above average. Our job involves driving more miles than the average motorist. Plus, when you're driving a bright red Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT-S through the Italian countryside someone is going to notice.

On the low end, Hardigree has only been stopped once, for a non-moving violation. When you drive an old Mercedes sedan or Volvo wagon, no one believes you're going fast. Wojdyla ends up somewhere in the middle, having been busted four times while driving. Ray has been pulled over six times but only has three tickets, one of which he claims is a totally bullshit moving violation. Arnold once was pulled over in a Police Edition Dodge Charger. Siler, unsurprisingly, is at the top of the heap. How many times has he been pulled over? About once a month. And not just pulled over. They've put him in bracelets. When you drive it like you stole it, eventually someone will think you did.


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