The latest round of the only official car pundit drinking game's over β€” and while you're probably no worse for wear, I'm left wondering if perhaps I'm really not as big as I thought I was. All this time spent talking about small B-segment cars, I'm wondering if maybe I've gone and shrunk a foot or so. Be that as it may β€” I took a shot or two last night from my boy, Matt DeLorenzo, on the question of "Which auto manufacturers are most screwed by rising gas prices." β€” although I said it was the German-American hybrid, DeLorenzo claim's it's FoMoCo. While I understand where Sweet Peet's bro's going on his choice, seeing as Ford's got no b-segment vehicle stateside, they've at least got plans (sort of) for a Mexican b-segment Fiesta-platform car β€” and a variety of potent portable-sized platforms to choose from on a global level. So I'm still sticking by DaimlerChrysler as my choice β€” especially considering that they've got bupkus going in the tiny car arena (with the Smart being the noted exception). Just remember folks, DeLorenzo's...

...entitled to his own opinion β€” despite the fact I think he's wrong. But anyway, the one thing I didn't get to say is that the new MINI is simply adorable. Methinks that would've been worth at least a drink or two.

Wert's Got The "MINI" Shot Glass Ready: Time For Another Round Of The Official Car Pundit Drinking Game!