Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past.

The Bugatti Veyron was built with the vast resources of one of the world's largest car companies in pursuit of one goal ‚Äď to make the best car in the world, ever. And if you want a two-tone convertible with 1,200 HP that can do 253 MPH with the top down, it is the best. And this is how they make it.

One way to understand a car is to look at the raw numbers. Horsepower. Torque. Top speed. Acceleration. Lateral G. Braking distance. N√ľrburgring lap times. All those are solid quantitative measures of what makes up a car. They are also sometimes all useless.

If you want to truly understand a car, you need to see how its made, and talk to its maker. You need to learn what was going through the company's head when they conceived it, and you need to take it apart to see what's inside. This documentary, courtesy of the BBC, provides all that and more. And it's a fascinating look indeed.