Bugatti's got a rich history and a recurring desire to make special editions of their already pretty special Veyron, a combination that gives us things like this: the Jean-Pierre Wimille version of the Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse, based on the 1937 LeMans-winning Bugatti 57G Tank and named for its winning driver.

Bugatti's planning to do six of these Legends editions, and each one of those editions will have a production run of exactly three cars, so better get that low-interest loan from your parents now. This first Legend edition is based on the 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse version of the Veyron, and makes about 1200 HP and can reach 253 MPH with the top down. Best to keep your limbs inside the car when doing so, though.

This special edition references the old Bugatti Type 57G Tank primarily via the distinctive color scheme that mimics the original car's two-tone blue livery. There's a number of other little touches that reference the original car's past and the achievements of its French driver. As the press release tells us:

The body of the “Jean-Pierre Wimille” Legend is composed entirely of carbon and pays tribute to the Type 57G Tank with its blue paint finish, a color characteristic of French racing cars of the era. The dark and light blue color split of the historic vehicle has also been implemented in the Vitesse, often running across whole body parts – an artistic endeavour demanding great technical expertise and craftsmanship. Perfectly crafted dark blue exposed carbon creates a harmonious contrast to the light blue “Bleu Wimille” paint finish, which was developed especially for this model to remain faithful to the original color of the 57G Tank. The entire front area of the vehicle, side doors and the part behind the doors, the so-called “medaillon” (French), are finished in “Bleu Wimille” paint. Only the upper part of the front wing panels remains in dark blue exposed carbon, thus reflecting the striking design of the historic racing car’s “Wimille stripes”.

The light blue paint finish also graces the underside of the distinctive rear wing, which bears an eye-catching silver silhouette of the Le Mans race circuit reminding of Wimille’s first victory there. Further references to Wimille include the driver’s signature, which has been lasered into the dark blue tank and oil caps.

So, two-tone blue paint and exposed blue carbon fiber, racetrack outlines, all that good stuff.

Wimille, aside from giving Bugatti their first LeMans win back in '37, was also a fighter in the French Resistance, and there's touches in the interior to reference his proud French heritage:

As an homage to Wimille, the vehicle and the brand, the Bugatti designers have developed a special decorative stitching in the French national colors of blue, white and red which has been used on the steering wheel and gearshift lever, lending both parts a real sense of elegance.

There's some more stitched signatures, another race circuit silhouette embossed in aluminum on the center box, and a couple of Bugatti elephants on the door sills.


It's a pretty striking looking special edition, and with only three built, it'll likely stay pretty special. On the other hand, it's mostly just a custom paint job and and interior with tricolor stitching and a bunch of signatures and racetrack pictures, so, you know, keep that in mind while you're considering buying one of these.

Speaking of buying, no price has been mentioned so far, but I'm sure it's totally within everyone's budget.