Honda Is Planning An Entire Family Of Turbo Engines With VTEC, Yo

File this under things I never thought I'd have to say, but the Honda and Acura lineup could use a serious injection of fun. The 2016 NSX and new Honda Civic Type R are good starts, even if we may not get the latter in America. What we can expect is more turbo engines across the lineup, complete with VTEC.



Our friends at Road & Track report that Honda is going heavy on turbocharging soon, much like most other automakers seem to be doing. They're investing $340 million in their Anna, Ohio plant for upgrades and another production line to roll out a new family of turbo four-cylinder engines.

Honda won't say yet which cars will get these engines, or how much power they'll put out, put at least 276 horsepower is expected from the new Civic Type R, which really should be sold in America, have I said that yet? I suspect we'll see these new engines in both high performance and more normal variants, much like Ford and Hyundai have done.

Even if we don't get the Civic Type R, and we should, it would be nice to see the Civic Si get some turbo power so it can become competitive in that segment again. Maybe there's hope for Honda yet.

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