Report: Honda Blocked Alonso From Driving The Porsche 919 At Le Mans

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Auto Motor und Sport reported today that Porsche came extremely close to signing Fernando Alonso to run their third car at Le Mans, but Honda blocked the pick at the last minute.


While McLaren isn't competing in the World Endurance Championship, Honda is—albeit in privateer LMP2s instead. The Porsche 919 runs in the LMP1-H class, but this was apparently close enough for Honda to say no to their driver running the Porsche.

Some speculate that Alonso's Formula One contract is with Honda, not McLaren. I suppose it would be like any other factory driver situation, then, where representatives of a company are generally not supposed to race other companies' cars.

So far, Nico Hulkenberg is the only driver officially on board for Porsche's third car, which will only run the 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps and the 24 Hours of Le Mans.


Because Alonso is out of the picture for Porsche, I'm assuming Button probably can't have a go, either. Former Sauber driver Adrian Sutil has been linked to the car, but was not picked for the seat, either. Porsche is sticking to their story that they'll pull from their GTE team instead for the third car, but they disproved that the second they hired Hulkenberg.

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Anyone else sick of Fernando yet?

Now I live in Spain, and everything the guys does is in the news here. But first the Ferrari / McLaren / Mecedes thing. Now this again.

He did not win that much the previous years and sure the Ferrari was not the best car on the grid. But neither Micheal Schumacher, nor Kimi, nor Hemilton, nor Vettel would have lost a championship being stuck behind Vitali Petrov in the last race of the season and keeping that position. They would have passed the guy, or would have crashed trying. So nope, not a fan, and not so convinced about the killer mentality.

Honda want's to win a driver or constructors championship within the next three years and they think Alonso is the guy they need. Between him and Jenson, they are solid points scorers and they finish races. So yeah they might get close to constructors but I don't see them getting a drivers championship. Because when it comes down to 1 on 1 racing, they will not be able to take on Hamilton, Kimi, Vettel and as was shown last season, Daniel Ricciardo drives circles around Alonso too.