Holy Ferruccio! A Lamborghini Countach Safety Car

Surely this must classify as a warp event in ‘80s teenage bedroom poster physics. The only thing missing is Farrah Fawcett frolicking on the engine cover. Click for another picture!


The car was featured at the 1983 Monaco Grand Prix and if you’re quick you can even spot it trailing the pack in this video of the warm-up lap of the race:

It’s remarkable how ungainly the racing cars all look. Not without reason: Ground effects technology, used to devastating effect in shaping an F1 car’s aerodynamics since the 1978 season, had been outlawed at the end of the 1982 season the season.

Teams had to scamper to build new cars to the new specs and the only really beautiful design was Gordon Murray’s Brabham BT52, the arrow-shaped, BMW-engined race car which gave Nelson Piquet his second world title.

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