Holy Crap, Someone Walked Away From This Audi A4

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When a driver walks away from a car looking like it's been turned inside out, you have to take comfort in driving the same car. I look at my own A4 with renewed respect after seeing this one, which was run over by a semi and managed to deliver it's driver from the valley of the shadow of death with some bruises and a cracked collar bone. Someone surviving the accident described below is nearly unbelievable, but then again, someone survived that bonkers RS6 accident, so stranger things have happened.


So here's what happened (and he walked away with a broken collar bone from the seat belat and stitches from metal scraps flying!) he's an aspiring snowboarder and travels back and forth to Mammoth alot. A week ago Friday night he was northbound on the 395 just outside of Ridgecrest. Two semi's (singlefile) are headed towards him, just as he is adjacent to the grill on the 1st one the 2nd one pulls out into his lane to pass the 1st one! Thankfully he made the right choice and tried to go down the middle (inbetween the 2 trucks) and not dump it off in the right shoulder. The 2nd semi drove OVER his A4! The axles sheared off the semi and it toatalled also. As you can see from the pics, he is lucky to be alive, lucky he was driving a safe car, lucky he made the right choice, lucky he did not have a passenger. As you can imagine I was shocked, but so damn thankful he was in that car and not some other! Thank you Audi!!!

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Jeff Glucker

Going between two semis is the right choice???

Was John Candy his driving instructor?

There wasnt enough room on the shoulder for him to punch it and pull around?

Also, what does it take to be an aspiring snowboarder? I love snowboarding but havent been in a year and a half... does that still qualify me as an aspiring snowboarder or did I slip back down to total amatuer.

oh and... this wreck is insane.