Holy Crap, He Walked Away With Barely a Scratch: Audi RS6 Crash

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No, it wasn't a two-car crash. That's a single, formerly pristine ABT-tuned Audi RS6 that was catastrophically bent by one of nature's stoutest. It was likely traveling at about eleventy miles an hour when it left the road. Apparently, the driver says wheels got light and he lost control. Here's part of the account from RS6.com:

What you see is what you get, i.e. there was no cutting of the vehicle prior to the pictures being taken. It is my brother-in-law that you see holding the mobile phone, he honestly doesn't know the speed that he was going at but wasn't near as fast as he has done in the past on that particular part of the road.


Damn, that's some good karma. He must have saved like a million plague victims in a former life. [Thanks to Ilari for the tip.]

[More at RS6.com]


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Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick! That is absolutely bananas. If the driver had reacted one one-hundreth of a second quicker or slower, and the car might have been sheared in half right through the driver's seat. Instead, the driver's seat ends up being the only unscathed component on the car. This is luckier than winning the lottery, as the stakes seem higher. When you lose the lottery, you lose a buck, rather than being rent asunder by a tree.

Also, I enjoyed this bit of reporting from the Luxembourg news site: "The police believe that excessive speed was a contributory factor in the accident." You don't say?