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1999 Chevy Blazer: Pretty Much A Rickshaw Disguised As The Future

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1999. As Mr. Regular calls it; the nintiest of the nineties. When everything we built reflected an unbridled optimism about "living in the future." Yes, this includes the sanded-brick-shaped 1999 Chevy Blazer.


Learn why this Blazer's push-button 4WD actuator is anything buy futuristic, just how long GM's 4.3 Vortec V6 has been in production, and why that engine is perfect "for the guy who follows the McRib around, gets excited for Mountain Dew Code Red, and quotes Boondock Saints whether the conversation calls for it or not."

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Andrew P. Collins

So, anybody have thoughts on the early-90's, still-square iteration of these? 'Cause there's a 6.5 diesel-powered one in my neighborhood for short money aaaaaand I'm pretty tempted.