Hey GM Parking Lot Goons, Teslas Are American

They're even made in an old GM factory, in case anyone over there forgot.

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Screenshot: Twitter/Tesla

Were you aware that many carmakers have separate parking lots for competitors cars, or separated for domestic or foreign cars? It’s true, we wrote about the practice in depth a few years back, even. Regardless of what you think of the practice, we got a fun little reminder that it still exists today, at least on GM’s lots. Whoever is policing GM’s domestic car lot should maybe brush up on which cars are from American companies and which aren’t. Just to clarify, Tesla is American.


The fun little reminder came in the form of this photo taken of a GM Parking Violation, which was posted on Twitter:

I spoke with the tweeter, and they told me they found the photo on this Facebook page.

Now, it’s possible this isn’t real, and I reached out to the phone number on the ticket but was unable to get anyone to answer; if I get a response, I’ll update.

As you can see on the ticket, the offense is “FOREIGN IN DOMESTIC LOT” and the car is listed as a “gray 2018 Tesla 4D sedan,” which would, of course make this ticket, um, wrong.

This error is especially rich because just this week Tesla bumped Ford out of the top spot for the title of “Most American-Made Car” with the California-built Model 3 taking the top spot, then Ford’s Michigan-built Mustang, then Tesla’s Model Y coming in at number 3.


I wonder what it is about Teslas that might seem foreign to the security officer patrolling the lot? The lack of a traditional grille? The news of Tesla’s Chinese Gigafactory? Elon Musk’s South African accent?

I’m really not sure, but the truth is that Tesla is as American as Apple Pie-flavored vape juice and baseball steroids.


Hey look, I wrote about Tesla and didn’t talk shit! What do I win?



I’ll tell you what it is.

Teslas = EVs.

EVs = Environmental, left wing, hippy crap / Parus Accord / Europe

Environmental, left wing, hippy crap / Pahris Accord / Europe = un-American

un-American = foreign / not-domestic.