Hertz Just Dumped A Bunch Of Cheap Z06 Corvettes Onto The Market

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If you have around $60,000 to burn and are a fan of really fast Corvettes that look like giant bumble-bees, we have some good news for you. The used car market is falling, and Hertz is currently managing bankruptcy, so the company has dumped a large chunk of used cars on the market including a bunch of 2019 Z06 Corvettes.


Since the all-new mid-engined C8 Corvette has been getting all the hype it’s easy to forget how good the previous generation C7 car was. The base model C7 was already pretty capable but the Z06 cranked out 650 HP under the hood and a slew of other performance upgrades, allowing the Z06 to chase down high-dollar exotics for a much lower price. The 2019 Z06 had a starting price of around $81,000 with fully loaded 3LZ equipped models pushing around $95,000.

According to Autotrader, there are over twenty Hertz edition Z06s available some of which are priced under $60,000.

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The good news is you can drive a lot more than the 75-mile limit Hertz put on these monsters if you had rented one. The bad news is that a lot of these rides come with some mileage on them and these are all automatic transmission cars. This is understandable since Hertz did not want to deal with burnt clutches coming back when the rental was complete. If you can tolerate only having two-pedals, 650 HP for around $60,000 is still a bargain. Check out Hertz’s website for their full selection of used Vettes.

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Current Hertz employee here. Contrary to popular belief these are probably the best taken care of used rentals you can buy. Unless something went really wrong at some point, these aren’t getting into the hands of the weekend traveler who reserved a Yaris, they’re being rented by people who actually are willing to fork over hundreds of dollars to drive one for a bit. That usually means car enthusiasts and midlife crisis’ers; the type of people who have that kind of cash to burn are usually responsible enough not to abuse the cars too badly.

Does that make it a good deal vs. the guy who is the original owner and kept all the maintenance records? No, but it’s not an immediate red flag. Generally the more expensive the car was to rent the better it was taken care of by the renters.

TL:DR: Might be ok.