Here's Your First Look At A Chevy Electric Pickup Truck And The Cadillac Celestiq Flagship

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Screenshot: GM on YouTube

We’ve known General Motors has had big plans for introducing new electric vehicles for many years as the announcements started back in 2017. The upcoming all-electric Chevy pickup truck, as well as the new Cadillac Celestiq flagship electric sedan and a slew of new crossovers were finally teased (briefly) at GM’s CES event today, and the future looks good.

We didn’t get a ton of details, nor a great look at what GM has planned for EVs, but in one image from the online presentation, the new all-electric Hummer EV pickup truck is flanked by six other vehicles we haven’t seen yet.

To the right of Vice President of Global Design, Michael Simcoe, and the Hummer (which has already been revealed in detail) we see the new Cadillac Celestiq flagship electric sedan debuting a glowing front grille treatment and an extremely long wheelbase, but not much else.

Screenshot: GM on YouTube

Behind the Celestiq is the most interesting revelation for me, a new (presumably) all-electric pickup truck with a full light bar stretching behind the Chevy bowtie. This could be our first look at a GM EV pickup that will compete against the upcoming Ford F-150 EV. To the right of that is a crossover that vaguely looks like the Faraday Future FF-91, in that it’s an egg with a lightbar in a shadow. GM didn’t talk much about either of these.

On the other side of the stage, there’s what looks to be the Cadillac Celestiq, but it’s what’s behind the Cadillac that really freaks me out.

At the back of the stage is what appears to be a Corvette-inspired crossover with a sharpened grille and angled headlights that match the new C8 design language very well. But, GM has confirmed that it will be a Buick, along with the crossover positioned next to it. They don’t look like Buicks, but maybe that’s the point.

GM didn’t provide more detail on the upcoming slate of vehicles beyond the promise that they’re coming soon. A refreshed Bolt and a new Bolt EUV (crossover) were promised to go on sale this year.


GM also announced a hypothetical flying taxi design and a slick-looking delivery van that FedEx is planning to use. It’s a good looking van.

Screenshot: GM on YouTube

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Give GM a little credit here. We’re talking about a huge company that not too long ago made some utter pieces of shit on wheels and had a serious badge engineering problem. What they are doing here is not only a complete re-brand but a complete product and service portfolio replacement. That is amazingly difficult for a company of this size