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Remember this DOTSBE '72 Stag? It turns out that the execrable, 8,000-miles-between-rebuilds Triumph V8 has been replaced with the engine British Leyland should have installed in the first place: the Buick/Rover V8.


Given the large overlap between Jalopnik readers and Stag owners- a relationship we're probably better off leaving unexplored- it isn't surprising that we've heard from Zeusnemesis, the owner of this Triumph. Here's what he has to say about his car:

I was trying to post a few pictures in the thread of how Stags should properly appear: Replete with blonde, and top removed (car hardtop, that is, being a family-friendly site.)
Regardless, I know that editors surely hate being the "tech-guy" for every Jalopnik-yokel who wants to post a picture of his junk (uh, his car junk, that is) but I figured given the near-universal love of Stags, blondes, and V-8's on Jalopnik, perhaps I'd forward a few photos to you to include into the thread if you so choose.
It's got a '64 Buick 300 in it, T-350, and Corvette rear end. So, in essence, it's the "Rover swap," but with a few more cubic inches and a cast iron block with aluminum heads — just like the original OHC "Twin-Dolomite" boat anchor.
No 8 foot long single row Simplex timing chains or any other English-engineered tomfoolery (at least under the hood!). Otherwise, it's all English original Stag, through and through.


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