Here's Why Richard Hammond's Big Crash Was In The First Episode Of The Grand Tour Season 2


Over the summer, we learned of some very scary news that Richard Hammond had crashed while driving the all-electric Rimac Concept One supercar during the filming of the second season of The Grand Tour. In addition to putting him in the hospital, the crash also threw a lot of The Grand Tour’s filming schedule out of whack. They had to shuffle some stuff around to make everything fit, including the order of the episodes.

We were invited to attend the show’s premier last night in Brooklyn. There’s a full review of the first episode coming later, but during a quick Q&A session before the screening, the trio revealed that, for the sake of continuity, they were forced to air the Rimac crash episode first, since Hammond was in a cast for the rest of the shooting.

Indeed, you can see in certain preview clips that he’s on crutches.

As with everything that deals with time zones, the air date of Season 2 got a little muddled. Amazon told us that the show would air on Dec. 8, just not where. Turns out, it meant midnight on Dec. 8 in the UK, which means that we got to see it here in the U.S. last night. Check it out if you haven’t yet.

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Can you stop spoiling the damn show for about 2 days after its released? Really? Some people have jobs.