Richard Hammond’s Huge Wreck Has Thrown The Grand Tour Into Chaos

Image via DriveTribe
Image via DriveTribe

The Grand Tour host Richard Hammond is in the hospital after a big, fiery wreck. Jeremy Clarkson is holed up rewriting scripts for a quickly approaching second season. James May is in a “hell hole” of an airport traveling to a shoot that Hammond was supposed to do. You could say things are a bit chaotic over there.

The trio has been fairly open about the situation since Hammond’s huge wreck while filming in the electric Rimac Concept One supercar in Switzerland, with Hammond recording a message from his hospital bed to let everyone know he wasn’t dead and Clarkson writing a full synopsis of the wreck from his point of view. It was terrifying to read, if you’re curious.

Several days after the wreck, Clarkson posted an update about how it’s affected the upcoming season of the show on the trio’s DriveTribe website. The show is slated to premiere in October, and Clarkson wasn’t shy in saying Hammond’s crash has thrown everything out of order.


Clarkson said in addition to May being on his way to stand in for Hammond’s shoot last minute, he’s “been up since dawn” rewriting all of the scripts and ideas the three had for the second season to account for the fact that Hammond won’t be able to drive for a few months. The hosts have about five months until the new season is scheduled to premiere, and Clarkson didn’t specify where they’re at in the filming process.

He did specify what Hammond’s jobs will be once he’s out of the hospital and still unable to drive, though: replacing the toner in the copy machine, making coffee and reorganizing the storage room. That sounds absolutely riveting.

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Here is an idea: Reduce the amount of scripting is the show, so you wont have to rewrite them. GT was waaay over the top with the scripting, a lot of scenes were so scripted that they were cringe worthy.