Last time I checked, Jay Kay had a collection of about forty cars or so. As it turns out, Jamiroquai's main man has over a hundred in his garage by now, and the latest is a LaFerrari wearing the green of the Italian flag. Or Kermit the Frog, depending on how you think.

He only got the car last Tuesday, and then all 963 hybrid horsepower were nearly immediately taken to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. First world problems.

Ferrari brought two LaFerraris to Goodwood for the British premier of the car, but let's be fair, nobody was looking at the red one when Jay Kay's was around. I bet most didn't even think any color was an option for the LaFerrari other than the usual red/yellow/black trio.


With all the crashes throughout the weekend and the hill being a little bit on the damp side, the green LaFerrari was not going to break any records, but with the Porsche 918 and the McLaren P1 both making history by running on electric power alone, Ferrari could show off with some V12 hybrid fury.

Bit of an event indeed.

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