Here's What the Production Porsche Taycan Could Look Like

All image credits: TaycanForum

I’m excited for the Porsche Taycan, Porsche’s upcoming all-electric sedan. We’ve yet to see the production version of the sleek thing (though the “concept” will pretty much be it), but some artistic renderings of what it could look like show something extremely promising.

The folks over at TaycanForum created a set of renderings of the Taycan in blue, black, red, yellow and white. They used details from the latest Taycan spy photos and videos to pull apart and reassemble its design cues.


For example, they removed the suicide doors of the Mission E Concept and the fake exhaust tips from the current Taycan prototype, but kept the rest of the streamlined design. They gave it wing mirrors! Of course, like we noted above, the Taycan “concept” is basically what the car will look like, it just needs a few more doodads to make it road legal.

Personally, I think it looks like a taller 911 and there are a lot of Panamera-ish lines in there. It doesn’t quite have the grille-less face that the Teslas do, but it’s still a very clean design. There’s even that long, horizontal light bar that the new, 992-generation 911s will wear stretched across the rear. It’s great.

You won’t see me complaining if the production version does turn out to look close to this. Head over to TaycanForum to see them all.


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