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Here's What The New F1 Safety Halo Looks Like From Inside The Car

Formula One has given us a great look at the obstructive view of the new F1 halo design from a camera strapped to Toro Rosso driver Pierre Gasly’s noggin as he raced around the Monaco Grand Prix.


There was some debate among the Jalopnik staff about whether the helmet cam footage reveals the new halo to be bad or really bad. I argued that it’s fine, as it lets drivers see only what they need to see, which is the road slightly the left of the halo, and the road slightly to the right of the halo.


All it blocks is what’s directly in front of the racer, most of the sky, and any real indication that they are still piloting an open cockpit race car. That’s fine and probably overrated anyway.

It also blocks the view of whatever would have likely crushed the driver’s head without the halo—a worthy tradeoff, if you ask me.

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Hagrid's Hairy Hamroll

Looks like it doesn’t block the view at all to me. Honestly, once the drivers get in the zone, they probably forget it’s even there.