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Here's The Rainbow Sheikh's Unbelievable Car Collection

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The name of Abu Dhabi’s Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan is probably not new to car lovers, nor to Mercedes-Benz. But I bet you’ve never seen the Rainbow Sheikh’s extravagant collection quite like this before. Take a tour!

The biggest petrolhead of the Royal Family is known to like two things: rainbow Mercedes (with optional gullwing doors and rifles in the back) and American trucks scaled up to the size of a building. But he also has everything from golf buggies to what seems to be one of the original Lamborghini Cheetah prototypes.


The game is that you name a truck, and see if he has at least one of those around somewhere. Size is irrelevant. What couldn’t be built in the city was put together in the desert for the biggest Dodge fan of the dunes.

Please ignore the bro-talk and start being amazed right now.

A few decades ago, no other than Mr. Clarkson payed a visit to have a chat with the Sheikh and climb aboard that Power Wagon to see what’s it like on the inside.


For starters, it comes with a master bedroom...

Now, you know where the BBC got that huge Willy’s Jeep for Hammond to play with on Top Gear.

Remember that?