Here's The Most Misinformed Garbage People Told You When You Were Learning To Drive

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Learning how to drive is exciting, exhilarating and a little bit nerve-wracking. You’re suddenly in charge of this big, heavy hunk of metal that’s traveling at at least 60 mph on roads with other people who also have big, heavy hunks of metal. At that point in your life, it seemed like all the people you knew who could already drive also had lots of, uh, advice to give, didn’t it?

Last week, I asked you guys to spill the beans on some of the worst and most misinformed stuff that you heard while you were learning to drive. I was looking for some truly crazy ideas that might had made sense when you were younger and inexperienced.


But now you’re grown and wise and you know that that advice was 100 percent incorrect. But it’s okay, let’s work together and stop the spread of these lies.

“Nannies” (move-over-peasant-I-have-an-M5-in-the-shop)

I can only assume that a man named Clarkson said this.

Transmissions And Flat Ground (NebraskaStig)

That sounds exhausting, turning it on and off whenever there’s a hill.


Brake N Coast (Enginerrrrrrrrr)

That’s not... how that works.


Four-Way Stops (Tannhauser)



Big Rigs (CalBearsFan99)

Lots of good stuff here, but especially about big rigs.


Gasoline (MisterImmortal)

Just don’t move!


A Very Class Act (Boy Emperor)

He even included math in this!


Let Go (Austinguy83)

It’ll sort itself out.


Heads Up (Fluffy6079)

They’re turning.


Upshift (Chairman Kaga)

The gears with the bigger numbers mean they are faster.


Drift (TomTom)

There won’t ever be oncoming traffic.


Neutral (Syscrush)

Oh, yeah, that’s how physics works.


Safe! (YelnickM)

Like in baseball.


Wear (DFLChampion)

It’s fine when you’re moving.


Hold It (Staxamillion McBucksley)

Oh my God I knew someone whose mother did that and I was like this is wrong!!!


Optional Stop Signs (A River of Bourbon Runs Through It)

Okay at least a dozen of you wrote this to me, independently of each other. Who is running around spreading these lies!?