What Was The Most Misinformed Thing Someone Told You When You Were Learning To Drive?

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Despite having plenty of written-down laws to dictate how we should drive, we all still have little tricks and methods of our own to stay safe on the roads. Most people do. But when they pass on bad or wrong advice to new drivers, it can become problematic.

We were all young or new drivers once. I remember when I first got my license, a relative of mine was prepping me for my first drive on the highway. “Just keep your eye on the car in front of you,” they told me. “If that car brakes, you brake.”


Obviously, I now know that is very wrong (you shouldn’t fixate on one thing when you’re driving, you should be constantly scanning across your horizon of view, as well as far down the road.)

For Raph, there wasn’t a whole lot of bad advice, but not exactly confidence-inspiring experiences instead. His dad once drove him to a parking lot to learn how to drive stick and left the parking brake on the whole way there.

Another time, his dad got him to start up the manual Volvo for the first time and neglected to point out that it was in gear. Raph broke the family’s nice old wooden fence and then had to fix it.

What about you? What was the worst thing someone told or did to you when you were learning to drive?

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