Here's The Ford Maverick Pickup Before You're Supposed To See It

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Photo: Anonymous Source

Someone who declined to be named sent us a picture of Ford’s new Maverick pickup truck along with the explanation that “an acquaintance of an acquaintance that works there took the picture.” Whether that’s an extra level of security to prevent them from getting fired, or perhaps Ford themselves leaking the photo in a guerilla marketing campaign, we may never know. In any case, this purports to be a Ford assembly line at the Sonora, Mexico Hermosillo plant with a lone still-camouflaged compact pickup truck rolling toward its freedom and the open road. The photo also found its way to the forum.

This truck will be based on the same platform as the Bronco Sport, which has already proven itself to be a pretty decent machine. The Maverick will get a unique truck-only grille and styling treatment for the front, though obviously without any doors on, it’s difficult to tell what the final truck will look like. There is clearly a bit of Bronco Sport design mixed with a little of the larger Ranger truck design. Looks neat, I suppose.

It will be interesting to see how Ford can market and sell a front-wheel drive-based pickup. It’s probably the right size for most truck owners, but it won’t be able to put down the big towing and hauling numbers that seem to be important in the truck market these days. Some of Autoblog’s spy photos seem to show Maverick pickup mules running around with a twist beam rear axle and no rear differential at all. A low-spec entry level FWD pickup could be interesting, but I’d guess the majority will be spec’d with all-wheel drive and a heartier rear suspension for a bit extra utility.


This is probably the first pickup truck to appeal to me in twenty years or more. It’s much more likely to achieve halfway decent fuel economy, it’ll ride much more comfortably than a ladder-frame truck and it’ll be easier to climb into and easier to load things into the bed without the massive height. The Trucks Are Too Big, after all.