Here's the First Look at The Tesla-Fighting, 400 HP Polestar 2

Photo: Volvo
Photo: Volvo

We’re going to find out a lot more about the upcoming all-electric Polestar 2 sedan this month, starting with this teaser image of the petit truck lid also sporting a full-width taillight bar.


So far all we know about the upcoming Polestar 2 is that the company, the electrified performance sister brand of Volvo, is targeting the Tesla Model 3. The car is expected to offer around 350 miles of range on a charge and around 400 horsepower, which compares to around 310 miles of range and 450 HP for the dual-motor performance version of the Model 3.

Along with the image, Polestar also teased that the new 2 would be available for sale and through a subscription program similar to Care by Volvo. It also teased that it will debut with a better way for the passengers to interact with the car with a new system from Google and Android, specifically calling out existing voice assistant systems.

According to Electrek, the car should debut in the next few weeks and go into production shortly after the upcoming Polestar 1 hybrid sports coupe. It’s expected to be priced between $40,000 and $50,000 when it goes on sale later this year.

If those specs are true—especially the range—this is going to be one hell of an EV.

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As this is being run by Volvo... if the specs/price is even close to reality, this could end Tesla.

Imagine being able to simply walk into a dealership and buy an EV that doesn’t have weird quality control issues, without hassle.