Here's The First All-Electric McLaren P1 Testing On Track

Holy shit. We’ve heard the rumors, but now we actually see it on the track. McLaren’s new all-electric P1 is full of unexpected twists: a central driving position like the F1, a zero to top speed in just two seconds, and it’s the only fully open-top McLaren P1 ever. Also, it seems to be even lighter. I’m in awe.


Here, see for yourself:

I guess it’s worth mentioning that the top speed is about 3 mph, and if you’re older than, say, 6, you probably won’t fit in it. Still, it’s got the dihedral doors and a three speeds plus reverse!

A hell of an achievement in the world of hypercars.



Read headline. Became furious. Immediately clicked on video. Watched with increased levels of anger. Anger subsides. Read further down the article. Realized that I should always read the damned article before I click on the video.