Here's the 2020 Land Rover Defender as Seen By Its Own Infotainment Display

Images: LandRoverPhotoAlbum on Twitter and Land Rover.
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Last week, Lego did us all the favor of leaking what is most likely a brick-built impression of the 2020 Land Rover Defender, which lined up with spy photos we’ve already seen. Now it appears the new Defender has leaked a image of itself, with a dashboard display showing off a clear image of the upcoming SUV.

An apparent spy shot of the driver display screen on what’s probably (can you tell I’m hedging) the 2020 Land Rover Defender made its way to Twitter:


The photo looks like your standard car graphic display, which is already employed in other Land Rover and Ranger Rover models. It shows us a profile view of a four-door Defender unlike anything we’ve yet seen.

The white roof styling element returns, as we saw on the Lego leak, and this new image also gives us a glimpse at what appears to be a square floating C-pillar effect, with the door cutting through a third of it.

Photo: Land Rover

It also looks like the roof window motif found on many classic hardtop Defenders returns, and the rounded edge of the hood with the hood bump matches what we saw in the Lego images—though the official press photos of the prototype Defenders seems to have camouflage hiding many body features.

Screenshot: Automotive Mike (YouTube)

Other than that, all we can extrapolate from this is that the rear-mounted spare wheel happily remains, and there’s another new wheel design, different from the other new wheel design on the Lego model.


In a time when every Land Rover is getting the swept-back smooth design language of the Velar, it’s nice to see the classic boxy proportions of the Defender remain on the new model. It’s looking very promising in images, now we’ll just have to wait and see if they made any compromises in its capability.

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