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Here's How Lamborghini Sold The Diablo In 1999

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I don’t know why the Lamborghini Diablo had any kind of advertising. The car sells itself. It has the doors. It has the sound. It has the looks. It has a V12 large enough to crush a small home. And yet, advertise it Lamborghini did.


Lamborghini not only built the Diablo in 1999, a feat in and of itself, they also produced promotional material, such as a brochure:


“The body lines express strength, power, speed and take into serious consideration aerodynamic laws,” the brochure proclaims. OK!

Lamborghini also produced a website. It was on the internet!

I wish I could show you all of the website, but few of the images are still hosted even on the Wayback Machine, which only carries a fantastic gif of the Lamborghini bull snorting.


One YouTube account I happened to bump into on one of my usual nightly “Lamborghini+Diablo+Promo” searches posted what the uploader claims is “Promotional video downloaded from Lamborghini’s site in 1999.” In fact, user energymc22 posted two such videos.

The first is a launch video, showing the Diablo spinning some tire:

And so too is there a more general promotional vid, which does indeed include a very 1990s suit and watch combo.

Please enjoy all of these Diablo moments and feelings, from the tail of the ‘90s. It was the decade that thought it killed the ‘80s, but I’m no longer so sure.