Here's Definitive Proof That the Ultra-Luxe Japanese Sleeper Train Is Basically Heaven

GIF and screenshots via train video collection/YouTube

Trains can be a wonderful way to travel in comfort and style. The Train Suite Shiki-shima luxury train in Japan is probably as close as you’d come to experiencing train heaven. We’ve seen the pictures and now there’s video to take your breath away.


The train first blew our minds in 2017, but a new video uploaded to Train Video Collection on YouTube gives us an even more intimate look inside it. The whole thing is set to beautiful background music that sounds like it was lifted straight from a Miyazaki film. It’s perfect.

The train is extremely distinctive-looking because of its irregularly shaped window design. From the inside, it looks more like a modern art museum than any train that I’ve seen before.

This is the lounge, for example:


And there’s a freaking bathtub in the deluxe suite!


And I feel like I could write the next great American novel while sitting here in this dining car and sipping on an Aperol Spritz while the countryside goes flashing by.


And check out the view from the observation car:


All of this, obviously, does not come cheap. As our own Ryan Felton noted in the past:

A single trip costs bare minimum $2,865, the SCMP reports, for either a two or four day trip and upward of $8,500—which makes sense given there’s only room to hold 34 people on the train.


The train is good. Too good, maybe. It’s definitely too good for most of us. One thing’s for sure, though: There’s no scum car on this train, so you can put your Snowpiercer fantasies to rest.

Take a look below.

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