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You want a four-door Dodge Charger with the 707 horsepower supercharged V8 from the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat? You're probably gonna get it. Here's why.


Our friends at Road & Track discovered the Hellcat's SAE certification filing, a document that certifies the car's horsepower and torque ratings. And guess what it says?

J1349 Certified Power Engine Data for Chrysler as used in 6.2L SC HEMI (Hellcat) 2015 MY Dodge Challenger 6.2L SC SRT; 2015 MY Dodge Charger 6.2L SC SRT - Level 1.

Emphasis mine. That's a lot of jargon, but it's clear this engine is also meant for the Dodge Charger as well as the Challenger. It's not too surprising, given that Fiat-Chrysler alluded to a supercharged Charger in their five-year model plans.

While there's still been no official confirmation yet from the manufacturer, it definitely looks like things are headed that way.


The question, as R&T notes, is will the Charger Hellcat get the option of a six-speed manual gearbox like the Challenger has? It's never had one, and it seems unlikely it will get it here. But I certainly hope so.

Regardless of transmission, I'm eagerly awaiting America's most powerful sedan.

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