Here Is A 2014 Lexus IS Wagon

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The first generation Lexus IS SportCross was one of my favorite versions of the car. A good looking wagon — I'm not certain what SportCross means — with rear-wheel drive and super awesome Altezza lights was just what the doctor ordered. It was the first Lexus I actively wanted.

But then it was discontinued without a trace. Will it return for 2014? Lexus is hinting that it might and this is what it could possibly look like.


Lexus dropped the hint on Facebook that we might not have seen all there is from the 2014 IS yet.

Do you remember the ‘02 IS 300 Sport Cross with its style, utility and performance? Will we bring it back? Watch the 2014 IS premiere on Facebook in 6 days to find out!

Are they pulling the leg of wagon fans everywhere? Hopefully not. Reader Shane saw this post and wanted to see what a 2014 Lexus IS wagon would look like. He took the 2014 IS, added the rear of the CT200h, and badda bing badda boom we have an IS wagon.

Gotta say, it looks pretty good to me. If a new SportCross is a surprise unveil at the Detroit Auto Show next week, I'll be pretty excited. I'll even forgive them for calling it a SportCross.


(Hat Tip to Shane!)