2014 Lexus IS: This Is It

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In Paris, Lexus showed off the LF-CC coupe concept. We immediately knew and said that it was a thinly veiled concept version of the upcoming 2014 Lexus IS.

And guess what? It was!

The 2014 Lexus IS that will debut in Detroit next week has the most aggressive take on Lexus' corporate spindle grill yet. It looks like the Predator has been made into a car. Lexus' pictures show a taut and aggressive design.


Might I actually like a Lexus? I might.

The interior also looks like a great modern step from the current IS. Sporty and clean. I'm also really digging the red leather on this one.

That may just be accentuated on this car, which has the F-Sport appearance package. The IS should launch with two V6 engines. But don't worry folks, a hybrid is on the way. What would a new Lexus be without a hybrid variant?


We'll probably have more to say about the IS when we see it in the metal next week.

(Hat Tip to @SpeedSportLife!)