Here Are Your True Perplexing Stories Of 'That Car Guy' From High School

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CountersteerYour true stories of good and bad things that happen in cars.

Car Guys and Car Girls of high school: unite! Most high schools had ‘em and I asked you for your fondest memories of them. Heck, most of the time That Car Guy was you. Color me surprised, and by surprised I mean not at all.


From great memories of wrenching to people who wrecked expensive gifts from Mommy and Daddy like it was the only job they had, you guys sure gave me some great stories.

Makes me wish my high school was more interesting. We didn’t even have Auto Shop class!

[Welcome back to Countersteer, where we ask you to tell us your greatest stories of success and failure, then we pull the very best of them to share with the rest of the world.]

The Gang’s All Here (Fatty Mcfatfat)

These are the guys you remember when everything and everyone else fades.


That One Guy Who Made A Difference (Rosin)

Of course he did, because it was Rosin’s dad. D’aww!


We Got Another Opel Guy (Opelitis)

The username says it all.


It’s Always The Quiet Ones (StuntmanDan)

Plus the dirt brown Mustang.


Cars Over Women Any Day (rearwheelhorse)

Impressive collection. Who needs a girlfriend anyway?


Wait...I See What You Did There (QwkSlvr)

Following the story and was you. It was you all along.


We All Grow Up Sometime (TSJC)

It’s okay, most of us went through that phase. Most of us.


Welcome To The Circus! (Oliver Madsen)

And to all started with a Geo Metro.


An Ode To Trevor (JohnnyWasASchoolBoy)

Was Trevor Dom?


One Of Those Girls... (rb1971 i8-M6GC-Z3M-E9-LINCONV-LX450-R90S)

Oh, man, I knew there would be one of these stories. Still hurts to read, though.


And While We’re On The Topic Of These Kids (AntiragTulbo)

Where totalling a car is NOT a death sentence.


The Ballad Of ZEd (Blu3RSX)

The kid you wanted to hate but you couldn’t help but like.


Wow, You Can Read The Brochure! (Teh Penguin of Doom)

Study hard, get a car...!


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